The Phyzseek Story

Our story is typical of many aging health and fitness buffs. We worked out for years, watched what we ate, with the occasional splurges, but as we got older we seemed to be losing the battle. Fat was starting to accumulate around the mid-section, fatigue was setting in earlier in the day and sleep was restless. Oh, and it was obvious, hormone levels weren’t what they used to be. But why? We thought we ate right and kept fit. How could we turn the tables to regain the strength and energy we had when we were younger?

At about this time we were introduced to a well-known boot camp style high intensity workout program. The exercise program was very different than anything we had ever done and the results we were seeing were amazing. We had lost weight, gained lean muscle mass, and had more energy. Unfortunately, the exercise program also included heavy weights and Olympic style lifting, which combined with workouts measured by speed and number of reps, eventually took its toll on our bodies. Due to frequent injuries, what began as the answer to our fitness woes, came to a sudden end.

Now what? With backgrounds in medicine and analytics as well as a passion for working out and staying fit, we were determined to find a better way to enhance our levels of fitness while maintaining functional longevity. We studied the science, researched methodologies, tested theories and eventually discovered Phyzseek.

Eric J. Ende, MD, ACSM-CPT
Eric is a co-founder of Phyzseek as well as its CEO and CFO. Before starting Phyzseek, Eric received his medical degree from the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and an MBA from NYU – Stern School of Business. Combining the two degrees allowed Eric to become a biotechnology industry analyst and eventually a consultant to multiple pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and investors. To further his passion for and understanding of health and fitness, Eric received a Personal Training Certification from the American College of Sports Medicine. Using his medical & science backgrounds, his business degree & analytical expertise as well as his ACSM-PT certification, Eric researched, designed and co-founded Phyzseek to bring forth a revolutionary workout motivation mobile app for men and women seeking supreme fitness and functional longevity.
Chad P. LaBonte
Chad is a co-founder of Phyzseek and serves as COO. Prior to this venture Chad had a 25 year career in real estate, building an extensive knowledge of several facets of the business such as asset acquisition, property management, leasing and developing retail shopping centers and large scale master planned communities. Chad was a competitive athlete for most of his early life, playing a variety of sports, including college football and lacrosse. Training for sports - weight training, powerlifting, plyometric and speed drills - was central to Chad’s life. His enthusiasm for physical fitness didn’t end after he hung up his cleats. Chad continued to pursue fitness in a variety of disciplines from bodybuilding, HIIT, stationary bike, running, kickboxing, swimming and yoga. Today Chad sticks to PhyzWOD’s (Phyzseek Workout of the Day) and yoga for fitness and golf and fishing for recreation. He’s known to rock out playing the drums in a band too!


New Beginner & Intermediate Workouts

We at Phyzseek recognize that our users have diverse capabilities and are at different levels of fitness.  While some users are capable of performing all exercises at a high level of intensity, others may not be quite as proficient and require lower intensity.  Therefore, we have added new workouts that will allow most people, irrespective of their ability or fitness level, to work out with Phyzseek.

Turn Up The Intensity To Reach Your Fitness Goals Fast


Exercise physiology research has consistently shown that working out with a high level of intensity is the most efficient way to generate metabolic adaptations so that people can successfully reach their fitness goals of weight control, lower body fat, greater lean muscle mass, and better overall health.  By using a heart rate monitor to measure workout intensity as well as the unique motivational features in the Phyzseek fitness app, people can consistently achieve a high level of intensity to get transformative results. 

What is exercise intensity?

The Horrible Consequences of Type 2 Diabetes

The consequences of developing Type 2 diabetes hit close to home yesterday. My uncle went in for an operation to have his leg amputated below the knee. Not long before, he developed cellulitis in his toe from a cut that went untreated. Why did it go untreated? He was unaware of the cut because he had lost partial feeling in his feet–a common symptom of Type 2 diabetes.

Cure Low Back Problems and Get a Flat Stomach with Functional Fitness

Ever since my college football days I've been dealing with low back pain and injuries... it's been over 20 years now. I've twice herniated my L3 disc after a CrossFit workout. The pain and immobilization was excruciating. I lived in fear of my back "going out". I also hated the down time while waiting to recover. My solution was to pull back -to lift lighter and find alternative fitness solutions like doing low impact workouts and steady state cardio. But it seemed this strategy didn't help.

Why Balance Training is Important

Maintaining or enhancing your balance is central to sustaining your functional longevity. It is also important to exercise performance as it supports movement proficiency and helps in avoiding injury. Balance training can be done as an isolated routine or can be built into a workout using exercises that require a level of balance to accomplish the movement. A perfect example of this is the one legged deadlift.

What Makes Phyzseek a Sustainable High Intensity Fitness Program?

You might think that for a workout to be challenging or to be considered "high Intensity" it has to incorporate heavy weights or Olympic style lifts. If so you would be wrong. Not to mention working out with heavy weights, doing technical movements with speed, can be a recipe for disaster. And for many it has been.

Why Does the Phyzseek Training Program Focus on Workout Intensity?

The Phyzseek app motivates people to work out consistently with the intensity needed to get transformative results.

Top 5 Reason Why Working Out Under The Pressure of Time is Important

Top 5 reasons why working out under the pressure of time is important:

1. Knowing that your workout is limited in time (20-40 min.) you will be more likely to workout with greater intensity.

2. Having a measurable result (time, reps, rounds) helps to motivate you to work out with the intensity needed to get transformative results.

3. Each measurable result allows you to more easily track your progress over time.

4. It enables you to compare your performance to others, which helps foster friendly competition and drive you to work even harder.

Less is More

Seek the path of least resistance. We’ve all heard this piece of sage advice. Everything in nature is designed to perform its objective while expending the least amount of energy. It’s a survival mechanism that has been developed over millions of years. Our bodies are no different. Through time, humans have survived by becoming very efficient in storing and using the energy derived from food. Until very recently in human history, people had to work hard to obtain food. They also had to endure relatively long periods between meals.